Nick McCord

Lighting Designer - Lighting Director - Programmer

Audience Music - AT&T/DirecTV

Moving Light Programmer

Lighting Designer Victor Fable

Lighting Director and Programmer for VFL

Audience Music - DirecTV  Lighting Programmer/Media Server Programmer (MBOX) 

Lighting Designer/Director Victor Fable

Rubicon Theatre Company's 2016 Summer Youth Program


Lighting Design/Control

Specializing in lighting designs for concerts, events, television, architecture, themed environments, and theatrical performances.



FOX Networks

Disney Theatrical

Intensity Advisors


Intensity Advisors

Kinetic Lighting

Kilroy's Lighting and Production Inc.

Falcon Theatre

Rubicon Theatre Company

Guest Lighting Designer with:

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Mike Curb College of the Arts, Media and Communication. CSUN Theatre 

  • High End Systems: Hog 4, 3, 2 Platforms
  • ETC: EOS, GIO, ION, Congo, Element, Expression
  • MA: GrandMA 1 Platform
  • Jands Hog 1000 and 500
  • PRG MBOX Media Server
Lighting Design

Currently: Lighting Director/Programmer for FOX Sports Networks

Proficient in programming and operation of various lighting control consoles:


Experienced in broadcast television lighting direction for high definition, multi-camera studio environments. Crew direction and supervision for  installation and realization of the lighting design.

Lighting Direction